Super Green Powders & Ripoffs

Green powder

Yesterday, I spent pretty much the entire day researching super green powders, to add to smoothies, or have alone. Most of these pre-mixed powders cost around $31/lb or more (usually a lot more). They also add tons of cheaper “fillers” – like spinach and fiber. Spinach is great, but I put it in my smoothies anyway & want it fresh. And spinach & fiber are cheap ways to maximize volume in the product they sell. They always add fruit, that I don’t want. They always seem to add probiotics. I already take a superior probiotic. And finally, they always add digestive aids. That’s just nonsense.

So my research found that most of these powders have tons of stuff I don’t want or need, things I normally add to my smoothies anyway. Finding the ingredients I did want was next to impossible, in a mix anyway. So I ordered my own individual bulk powders. Chlorella is always the most expensive. From Mountain Rose Herbs (not always the cheapest, but really excellent quality – cheaper when you buy larger quantities), I got:

8 oz Chlorella Powder, $14.00
8 oz Spirulina Powder $13.25
8 oz Alfalfa Leaf Powder $6.00
8 oz Barley Grass Powder  $9.00
8 oz Wheatgrass Powder $8.75

(may add these, but in smaller portions)
1 lb  Maca Powder $11.50
8 oz Fenugreek Seed $3.00
8 oz Turmeric Root Powder $4.50
8 oz Yacon Root Powder $11.75
8 oz Stevia Leaf Powder $8.75

$101.08 with shipping.

I won’t be adding all these ingredients to my mix (too much stevia & yacon, for one, I plan to sprout my fenugreek, as well as powder it to add to the mix, and will be adding the maca separately to smoothies since I like about 1 tsp. per smoothie, and the turmeric probably not much of that if I add my own fresh).

Even if I were to add every single ingredient above, it would come to $18.38 per pound. But I won’t be, so it’ll still be quite a bit less than the pre-mixes ($20 or less). Is it worth the price? You bet! Do I absolutely need these powdered greens? Probably not…but with the current high raw diet I’m on, probably is a good thing.