This blog is called “My Watering Can,” not because it’s about gardening, but because what we choose to “water” will grow. This isn’t only about the physical world, but the mental one.

We are living in a period of time that takes great responsibility to live on this planet – what we think affects the whole consciousness (always has but it’s more rapidly evident now). We need to tend the garden of our minds, and I find in real life gardening, it affects my mind in a way that nothing else has. Our minds are much like a garden, and we’ve all heard the saying, “What you sow, you reap.” It seems only appropriate to garden, to seek self sufficiency and non-dependence in a society that’s rapidly lost anything natural and wholesome. Yet these are, too, a reflection of the mind of the masses. Let us break free. Let us live consciously. Let us water our gardens.

I’m a self employed licensed massage therapist and intuitive, living currently in Aurora, Illinois (zone 5b or 6, depending whose map you consult). Alternative healthcare has been a lifelong interest. I strive towards minimalism, decreasing my footprint on the planet and research ways to be self reliant. I became debt free in 2006, remarried in 2008, and have remained debt free since. We own no real property other than an old car that’s reliable and gets us where we need to be, preferring to pay cash for everything. My latest hobby is gardening. Like most things I do, I found myself jumping in with both feet (no tiny garden plot here – 1600 square feet – 2 garden plots at Fermilab’s garden club). So now it’s on to the next adventure! Striving towards sustainable gardening.

I’ve lived in three countries. Most things I endeavor, I give serious research to discover how to do something. I find all too often, that people pass on repeated information they gleaned, write a bit superficially and don’t give enough information. Especially for new gardeners, more details are appreciated. So I hope to provide adequate details, so I can help others garden too. But mostly, I write what I do for a type of diary.

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  1. I like your approach. We as a family have lived a simple life and I work from my home in an urban area. I love reading all about growing more food near you home etc…,but I also realize the garden is a place to refreash my mind….I like your idea of “watering can”…what we nurture is so important….gardening gives me time to think which is something hard to find in a world moving way too fast….look forward to reading your posts:-)


  2. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours! I’ve been a ‘hobbie’ home grower of fruit and veg for years, plus I moved a lot in that time, so I was always starting a garden and leaving it not long after. I’m more serious about it all this year, we have a lot of space for a residential block (I think you can always do something no matter what space you have) and it’s also the first time I’m not giving in to buying mature seedlings because I started late this spring… I’m sticking to my heirloom varieties and growing from seed; it’s already been quite a learning experience!
    Anyway, nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚ Your background sounds pretty interesting too. I hope all is well at your dad’s farm, if that’s where you still are.


    • Beth, thanks for stopping by my About page. The Belmont Rooster is at his dad’s farm. He reblogged my post, “Food Anarchy.” I know, confusing. lol Welcome!


      • That’s a bonus, I found 2 great blogs then! I’m sorry to have confused you for someone else; I was lead from one thing to another and didn’t realise where I’d ended up… it can happen I guess!
        I look forward to getting to know you ๐Ÿ™‚


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  4. Lovely blog. Growing vegetables and fruit that you eat is very good for the soul I think. We are working towards self-sufficiency on our little smallholding – no where near debt-free at the moment, but enjoying the adventure.


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