Birds in the Garden

Goldfinch sitting atop beet greens

I arrived at the garden one day and saw this wonderful sight. A goldfinch sitting atop our beet greens. But wait………


It was not known to me prior to this, that goldfinches are vegan and do not eat bugs. They’re alternately known as salad birds. They love chard, but also beet greens! So that’s where all those holes in our leaves have been coming from!

Nom nom beet greens!

Good thing I’m not a greedy person and have enough beet greens to share.

We installed a bird bath at our garden this year, to draw birds to eat bugs. Well that didn’t work with the gold finches, but it did work with various other birds that have been visiting the bath quite often, such as this Robin really getting into it.

Robin bathing



Eggs round 2

Killdeer Egg Round Two

But here was our biggest surprise so far…..didn’t know that some birds lay two or even three times in one season. I had been missing seeing our Killdeer visit the garden, but just about the time I stopped thinking about it, I saw the two of them at the same spot they previously nested. I thought, how cute, they spent the night in their old haunt! But they began acting strange as I approached. To my surprise, I discovered this…….

Here is mother Killdeer, allowing me close enough to film her, hovering over her two eggs, with more yet to come...

Here is mother Killdeer, allowing me close enough to film her, hovering over her two eggs, with more yet to come… She’s in between our purple basil and bok choi.

This picture just above made Fermilab News. I was so happy they published it!

Male Killdeer

Papa Killdeer trying to lead me away from the nest (didn’t work)

DSCN0498 DSCN0501

Finally caught the mother with her clutch of four eggs. She laid four eggs both times this Spring. These eggs are due to hatch around June 28-July 4. And who knows? She may even lay one last clutch for the year after this one’s grown. Only time will tell. In any case, it’s been a lot of fun to have them in our garden.



    • Thank you! I love our Killdeer, who behave as if we’re intruding in their space and in nature. We are, in fact, stewards of the land and try to respect their territory as much as possible too. Best to live in cooperation. =)


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