Just Say “No” to Vegan Condemnation

Judgement of Salomon

Lately, there’s been a huge upsurge of people joining the raw foods movement. Let me state right up front, I am high raw but not vegan. I sometimes eat vegan or vegetarian for days at a time, but am not a purist nor extremist. I don’t do so for ideological reasons, only for health reasons. When I was in my 20s and early 30s, I was a vegetarian for eight years. But I jumped down off that idealistic and judgmental lifestyle and decided to care about people, regardless of what they put in their mouths.

You see, 2-1/2 years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes, high triglycerides and high cholesterol. The doctor wanted to put me on metformin, but suggested since my levels were more in the pre-diabetic range, I might be able to turn it around with diet. So I went gung-ho to do just that, change my diet.

All my life, quite literally, I studied diet and health. I’ve helped people with their health, as I’m a healthcare provider and was a registered counselor. So I knew how to accomplish this goal.

Immediately, I went to a high raw, juicing, and somewhat paleo diet. I avoided all grains except occasional quinoa or rice, no sweeteners except stevia (whole leaf) or xylitol (birch), and low glycemic fruit sparingly. Probably just as important, I avoided all processed or refined foods and fast food restaurants. I also started walking half hour or more a day. In 12 weeks, I lost 30 pounds and my blood sugar was normal. Triglycerides and cholesterol were normal.

Organic Produce

So what’s this got to do with condemnation?

Well, for some people, diet has taken the place of church. People seem to think they become awakened, or enlightened, by eating raw food. And if you don’t eat the right raw foods, you won’t “get to heaven,” so to speak.

Some vegans call their diet a “cruelty-free” diet – condemning people who eat meat as perpetuating cruelty. It doesn’t matter that Moses, Jesus or Mohammed ate meat. Meat, during that time period and now, was prepared by hanging an animal by its hind feet, slitting its throat and letting it bleed to death while conscious (though nowadays, perhaps unconscious). This is/was the Jewish custom of making meat kosher, or the Muslim custom of halal. They were, and still are, abiding by their religious doctrine.

If one believes the story of Jesus, not only did he eat lamb (most likely prepared kosher style, as he was Jewish) and fish, but he helped his disciples catch a mass of fish. Jesus also manifested the loaves and fish for the masses to eat. He proclaimed that bread was his body, and wine was his blood.


And yet some vegans must believe they are more enlightened than Jesus. Their new religion is, don’t kill animals and eat raw food. They are interpreting the 10 commandments, “Thou shalt not kill,” meaning any animal, not just human animals. They are saying that, in the Garden of Eden, that “perfect” place to live, meat was not in their diet. So we should go back to that diet. Some go by the theory that we aren’t intended to eat meat, based on our tooth structure. It’s a theory, nothing more. If you continue to eat meat, they condemn you as sadistic.

Never mind that the Inuit lived on, almost solely, whale meat for thousands of years and their health changed for the worst when a western diet was introduced. Or that virtually every tribe throughout the western world, hunted and ate meat for thousands of years. They were ignorant savages apparently.

Charles_M._Russell_-_The_Buffalo_Hunt_No_39_-_1919We know that most of our food supply is contaminated by chemicals, or GMO, or hybrids, or bad water or acid rain. And corporations make inferior imitation products to make more money. It’s true that junk and processed foods should be avoided.

Avoiding foods like this is definitely what inspired me to begin growing an organic garden.

Mercury Food Chain
But here’s how it’s gone with the raw food vegan, estimation of the evolution of diet – the condemnation just keeps getting more intense:
If I live off the land, sowing my own crops, raising animals for meat, eggs and dairy, go fishing & hunting, nope, not good.
–>>You’re only good if you’re vegetarian.
–>>Nope, you’re only good if you’re now vegan.
–>>Hold on, you’re only good if you’re 100% raw vegan.
–>>Wait a second, make that 80% fruitarian (carbohydrates), 10% fats and 10% protein.
–>>What? Grow crops with cow or horse manure? You’re contributing to the abuse of animals. You terrible person, collecting animal crap!
–>>Don’t touch that honey! You’re exploiting the lives of bees. Bees should only fertilize the crops I want to eat and leave their honey alone.
–>>You want to eat garlic or onion? What’s wrong with you, poisoning your body with alkaloids?
–>>You want to eat a tomato, eggplant or potato? What’s wrong with you, poisoning yourself with food from the nightshade family?
–>> You want to eat any vegetables at all? Humans were originally made to eat only fruit.
–>>That banana skin better be good and brown, otherwise don’t bother eating it. It’s not as nutritious if it’s yellow.
–>> Wait a second. Is that tofu? Don’t you know that soybeans are the bane of human existence!? I don’t care if they aren’t GMO, they are evil and poison to your body.
–>> Hold up there. Fermented food like wheat or soy-free liquid aminos? That’s just another word for MSG! Besides, it’s cooked!
–>> Fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, pickles, etc). Oh, don’t eat those! You have candida and they make yeast grow!
–>>Watch out for that piece of whole wheat organic bread. It has gluten in it!
–>> You want to cook your food? Why? Humans didn’t cook food in the beginning. Besides, you are certain to get a degenerative disease, won’t be able to digest properly, and won’t get all the nutrients you need if you cook them away.
–>>I mean, get with the program. And believe me, if you don’t, I’ll be sure to label you as the evil influence you really are! It’s because of you that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. So become enlightened like me, by eating raw fruit. It doesn’t matter if bananas are cloned and denatured – a mono-crop, and forget about watermelons with seeds. Give me seedless, I don’t care if it lacks nutrition! At least it’s not killing a poor chicken.
–>> Restricted calorie (by eating low glycemic fruit or foods) and smaller, more frequent meals went to…unrestricted calories, binging and gorging yourself on 1400 calories of bananas & dates at one sitting. Who cares about gluttony or sustainability?
–>>There was once bulimia and/or anorexia before…now it’s –>> I started binging on raw fruit. I don’t have an eating disorder now! Fruit saved me! Halleluja!
–>> Don’t even begin to mention wine, beer or coffee, or you’re surely going to end up with cancer or worse.
–>> Human breastmilk is not vegan. But don’t discuss this, it’s irrelevant to this conversation. Or I’ll make it irrelevant.
–>> Jesus and his parents ate lamb and fish. Blasphemy! He even helped his disciples fish! Murderers! Jesus turned water into wine, and multiplied the loaves and fishes. What, he fed people and ate fish? That’s irrelevant to this discussion, because we know better now. In fact, we’re more enlightened because we eat raw fruit.
–>>We vegans are peaceful and ethical by nature. But eat meat and we’re coming after you and be at your throat.
–>>Forget that, at some point in my life, I’ve eaten meat, worn leather or fur. That’s behind me. I’m enlightened now, and I’m going to make sure you become enlightened just like me. So this gives me the right to condemn anyone who does what I used to do.

Meanwhile, I’ll pet my five dogs and 10 cats (because I’m such a loving and peaceful person), who I buy cooked or raw meat for, to support a 23 billion dollar pet food industry. What do you mean? My animals are only eating scraps humans don’t want to eat. And yes, soy in dry animal feed is just fine, but not for you humans. My pets are so much better than you and deserve to eat this (cuz, you know, they’re omnivores, unlike you, and I can prove it by the shape of your teeth and again, I was in the Garden of Eden, or I read it on the internet, so it must be true), but you surely don’t deserve to eat meat or anything any other animals eat, because all you ever want to do is abuse and exploit animals, you evil human animal you! Oh, what? I don’t feed my dog meat. I force my dog to eat vegan, just like me. My vet even said it was just fine!

I think I’ve heard enough condemnation for a lifetime. Haven’t you? I just step away from these people….very slowly….but deliberately. They are free to eat what they want, just don’t tell me what to eat.

So yeah, I eat vegan sometimes. But if you don’t, that’s just fine with me! Live and let live. I don’t want to give vegans a bad name. Most of them are doing that all on their own.


  1. I couldn’t agree more….don’t need to add anything else because you said it all very well πŸ™‚ I have never felt the need to force my views of what I eat on anyone else, through any period in my life be in vegetarian, vegan or a return to a little meat. What I eat is my business and how others eat is entirely theirs.


    • I think it’s natural to go through a period of radicalism, of thinking we can make a better world. Who doesn’t want a better world? We go through that period of questioning and going against an established order when we’re in our teens through mid-30s or so. People get so caught up in what it means to be “pure,” to where they don’t use common sense. At least, I know I’ve done that, and still do. hehe


      • I became vegetarian in the very early 80’s when it wasn’t common and always had a mother-in-law who kept pestering me with comments like “Why can’t you just be normal like the rest of us!?” I just learned to keep my diet personal lol. It was MY thing. When I became vegan that was also my thing. My family never changed their diet so I never felt a need to tell others what they should be eating and why.


        • That’s great! I did the same. I became a vegetarian in 1982, until about 1990, but still ate mostly vegetarian for several years beyond that. I didn’t push it on anyone. My ex got teased for eating “rabbit food” and he’d start insulting their meat. But I ate that way out of health reasons, not ideological, just like now when I do eat vegan or vegetarian, it’s out of health, not to prove something to anyone or convert anyone. I just get tired of people trying to hold me to a standard, or insult me because I’m not “pure enough.” it’s all nonsense. lol


  2. You go girl!!! I agree we need to let each other eat what we want! I am sick of it,too. Food eating is becoming a religion, you are so right..very well put + you GO GIRL-lol..I bet you felt better after you got all that out:-) I did after I read it….we need to let each other be who we need to be:-)


    • I’m not any religion, but I brought up all the religions to illustrate food can be another one. Yes, I needed to get that out, in one place, because I’ve been in too many groups that promote raw vegan eating & heard all the arguments. lol I usually shoot with both barrels lol (and I don’t own guns)


  3. I know the frustration! I had a vegan friend recently who I had to back away from who I felt was too pushy. But I have to say I’ve been more frustrated by the ‘norm’ constantly shoved into my face. I was what you would call ‘raw vegan’ for a while in my mid 20’s (I’m 40 now), as organic as I could be too. I understand what gets these people so excited, it was not just the health benefits. Clean body, clean mind, my perspective was different; that is a very mild way of putting it. And the far reaching effects this activity could have… more than just cruelty free when you do your research. I tried to talk about it sometimes but I soon learnt when people did not want to hear. I only talked when people asked (and when the opportunity arises in comment threads!). Anyway it wasn’t long after that I started family life and I slowly slipped back to the ‘norm’. I resented that for a long time, I didn’t have the will power to continue on my own. I’m happy for these people but I can’t tolerate views constantly being pushed on me, be that for- or anti- vegan or anything else. I respect what raw vegans are doing for themselves but I certainly won’t judge my meatatarian friends! I eat reasonably well, and that’s good enough for me right now.


    • Thanks for your comments. I understand feeling “clean” on the inside and it can help with mental clarity. But some of these folks talk about it as if the food itself causes enlightenment. I was vegetarian for 8 years, and it was because I’d already made a big spiritual shift that I did this. But it was not the food that caused it. I reverted to meat, and while I was on an omnivorous diet, had some of my most incredible spiritual realizations ever. To me, it’s junk food, processed food, etc. that clogs us up. I’ve been the full circle, and while I eat mostly vegan these days, and raw vegan most every day for at least 1/2=3/4 of the day (sometimes fully), I cannot say it’s made any huge shifts. We’re living in a time of celestial speedup, and our food is the least of it. We are not bodies, and all that we experience in this world is illusion anyway – death, the ultimate illusion. It can’t possibly have a lasting impact on who we really are. With death as the ultimate illusion, we see that absolutely everything in this world dies – even our plant friends. This world is nothing but death and decay, but we have to rise above that illusion and into joy.


  4. Wonderfully put; and I couldn’t agree more about processed garbage. I was so focused on the eating habit being the ‘be all and end all’ of my spiritual growth for a while there, most likely because I saw what it did for my good friend who introduced me to it (though looking back I see some things differently). Going back to eating other things I’ve realised that you live and learn no matter what you are eating or even doing. ‘Spiritual’ is not necessarily veganism, hours of meditation or other practices associated with ‘being spiritual’. Our so-called ordinary life can be a highly spiritual existence, my relationships with ourselves and others has been a more worthy thing to focus on in my life. We are not a body or even a mind, these practices are something that helps to maintain those vehicles, but obsession is imbalance. Thank you for the opportunity to rant, I’ve enjoyed the whole discussion, including others’ comments.


  5. Very well put. I think it would help if people were generally more mindful of the food they eat. but I also realise that people draw the line as to what is and is not acceptable in different places and that is fine. I was vegetarian for a long time as I didn’t like the way animals were kept and killed. I recently started eating meat sporadically – pigeons, rabbits and deer – that a friend shot as these were the critters that were eating the vegetables I grew! Actually he came to shoot the rabbits as when the population builds up mixi runs through them and this is a horribly death. I thought it would be less wasteful and more humane to shoot and eat them. We now keep our own organic, free-range poultry, pigs and sheep on our little smallholding and I now eat only our meat as I know how it is raised and killed. However, we mainly eat a vegetarian/vegan diet as I think this is better for us and the planet + it tastes so good.


    • I think living consciously, as you do, informed of issues but trying to make a smaller footprint on the planet, benefits not only you, but society. I also eat vegetarian, and even vegan, much more than I eat meat. I’m just not into ideologies.


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