Seed Catalogs

from the National Agricultural Library’s Charles E. North Collection

Don’t you love the time of year when seed catalogs arrive? Just reading about every variety is like reading a good novel.

I’ve begun compiling a list of seed companies, with both online and snail-mailed catalogs. I’d love to hear the catalogs you enjoy most (preferring organic heirloom here). Unless noted, all companies are in the US. Most of these links have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds “America’s Top Source for Pure Heirloom Seeds” – Privately owned collective that does not source seed from Monsanto-owned Seminis, and boycott all gene-altering companies.

Seed Savers Exchange A non-profit member organization. Organic heirloom seeds and seed storage.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds An employee owned company, Johnny’s has signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Non-GMO seeds.

Toadshade Wildflower Farm They provide native, perennial, propagated wildflower plants and seeds, based in New Jersey.

High Mowing Seeds A privately owned “safe seed” company.

Redwood City Seed Company
Talk about a collection of awesome peppers and growing tips! Christmas-tree sized plants if they’re fed adequately, monthly with calcium. Privately owned.

Territorial Seed Company Territorial Seed Company now offers Abundant Life Seed Company’s seeds as well. They have a nifty little garden planner. Privately owned.

Renee’s Garden Privately owned collective. Privately owned company that produces live plants. They have 500 Pepper Plants, 180 Tomato Plants, 65 Eggplants grown organically.

Heirloom Solutions Privately owned. Open pollinated heirloom seeds. Their philosophy is on the spiritual side, and distribute Survival Seeds, stocking a survival seed bank, for times of crisis.

Native Seeds A non-profit organization that collects ancient and wild seeds from the American Southwest and northwest Mexico by gathering, safeguarding, and distributing their seeds.

Eden Organic Nursery Services Inc. They are a family-owned business in Florida, providing organic, open-pollinated heirloom seeds, grown organically.

Caleb Warnock’s Renaissance Seeds Caleb sells some of the rarest seeds in the world, going to great lengths and expense to test and grow them in his Utah garden. He has a great little blog, Backyard Renaissance with Caleb Warnock (too bad it’s not on WordPress!). And finally, he has a cool video with his cold frame garden. Over 1000 Non-GMO ground cover, flower, grass, herb, and more seeds.

Holistic Orchard Network Here are resource links for organic orchards.

Incredible Seeds They are privately owned, heirloom & open pollinated seeds in Canada

I’m sure there are many more seed catalogs, so be sure to send me yours in the comments below!


  1. Great list! Thanks! I’ve mostly bought from Johnny’s seeds and Jung. I seem to have problems with spinach seed for some reason. I grow a BUNCH of it continuously and have failures. I like to buy a variety of different companies and varieties of spinach for this reason. That winter garden dude was awesome! My MIL is getting new windows soon and I’ve already said I want the old ones for cold frames. I don’t know if I’d go to this extreme, but to start growing in March would be nice!


    • Here in Illinois, my spinach has never come up either. But our chard did fabulously well! Baker’s Creek has a chard that’s called “Perpetual Spinach” and I’m going with that this year, the closest thing I’ll get to growing something that’s similar! I’m going to start some varieties of seed in late February and succession plant.


    • Thanks for the link. Never heard of them, I’ll be checking them out. I prefer perennials where possible, though not many for now because we’ll be leaving our garden in 2 years. Lazy man’s gardening is always the best way to go, though! =)


  2. We just ordered a bunch from Baker, Seed Savers, and Sustainable: I didn’t personally check, but Lou said that Sustainable also has a great reputation also.


    • My comments thread won’t let me or others reply again after 2 posts, so I had to click on the original reply. I hope you get it. I actually have bookmarked but don’t know why I didn’t include it! It could be because they started out in Illinois and moved the business to the SW US. That would be ideal for your seed ordering. I’m trying to order from midwest companies because of growing conditions. I also like to order from places like New England because I know things will survive early Spring that way. But thank you for including it, because others read the blog from all over (even Australia and the UK, etc.), it gives a good idea of so many places to order. I also like the Safe Seed Pledge resource list, because it lists these seed companies by state. But underwood is still listed in Illinois!


      • I didn’t know that they’d been in Illinois! Thanks for that link… If you want to, you can change the comment nesting value in Dashboard -> Discussion -> Enable threaded (nested) comments X levels deep.


        • Smart Aggie, I didn’t even see I could choose how many replies. The max is 10, and I set it at that.Thanks!


            • I do want to note that the Baker, Seed Savers, and Terroir seed orders arrived very quickly. Sustainable took a long time to ship, and I am still waiting. Doesn’t mean that their seed isn’t great, though.


              • I ordered a pile of seed from Baker, late in the evening. Early the next morning, they announced they shipped the seed! It’s 2 days now, I haven’t yet checked the mail today but I’m betting it’ll be here by Monday at latest. We ordered their catalog (cost $5 when we pre-ordered, it came with lots of articles too) instead of their free seed catalog. So we spent the holidays cuddling up and reading all the plant descriptions together. Such great fun! We tried that with Johnny’s catalog too, but it just didn’t have the same ring. I’ve ordered other catalogs from my list but haven’t gotten them yet.


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