Gorge of the Rings: eat your way through a Trilogy marathon

This is such a cool idea, researching all that Tolkien’s books have in the realm of food. I found this when I was searching NPR’s post about this topic. The original link is here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/12/09/249827551/elevenses-and-then-some-how-to-prepare-a-feast-fit-for-a-hobbit
But they mention this blog, right here on WordPress, a Middle-Earth Foodie. These are such cool ideas! Tomorrow (December 13), part 2 of The Hobbit comes to the big screen.

The Middle-Earth Foodie

Have you wrung all the fun you can out of your marathon viewings of Lord of the Rings Trilogy?  The Middle-earth Foodie is here to tell you that you have definitely NOT — not yet!   So prepare your guest list and fire up the stove for a “Gorge of the Rings” party — a marathon viewing in which you immerse yourself in the story by EATING ALONG with the movie!  

We have been given an unexpected gift:  A list of the foods shown in the movies and the timing of their arrival on the DVDs.   

This list was submitted to The Middle-earth Foodie (to keep it safe, but not secret!) by Linda Holman of San Francisco. Linda created a buffet of foods shown in The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King, for a fellowship of twelve at a private home theater viewing.   After searching the interwebs in vain for a list, she watched…

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