Food Anarchy

The GMO labeling fight is raging, but one has to wonder, if you don’t buy processed foods and grow a lot of your own, you can avoid these kinds of shenanigans. Personally, I try to avoid most things that are GMO foods these days anyway. I do hope it becomes a law, but in the meantime, for your viewing pleasure…. I posted this from Youtube (so no it’s not me in the video)


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! It said everything I feel in less than 5 minutes!!! I am so sick of the fighting!!!!! EVERYONE just needs to get outside and grow some of their own food…:-)


        • It was multiple clips, all pieced together. If you watch the chickens in the background, you’ll see. lol No way I could talk that fast and have all that memorized either! Maybe the only thing I would’ve added was something about the head of the USDA is a former Monsanto exec, and what is up US Presidents (present & past, both parties) appointing them!?


    • Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by! I wish I could take credit for that video, but I can’t. I mentioned in the explanation that it wasn’t me in the video. Please stop by her Youtube channel and let her know how much you enjoyed it. I just happened to find her message very cool, one I would completely agree with, and thought others would love it too.


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