How to Turn a Mason Jar into a Fermenting Crock

I found this post, on How to Turn a Mason Jar into a Fermenting Crock, really useful! For about $50, vs. the Pickl-it 5 bundle at $126, you can make a relatively economical set of four wide mouth mason jars, the size of your choice.

I got the one quart wide mouth mason jars on sale locally for about $9 for 12 jars. The supplies suggested at the article, I got for $44 altogether. The assemblies and jars altogether cost around $48 for a set of four. Whereas, you have to pay $126 for a five pack of 1.5 and 2 liter jars and assemblies at Pickl-it. I personally prefer quart size jars. When they’re done fermenting, just pop on a regular lid and put in the fridge.

    1. I got 2 sets of these (4 pieces)($9) 3 Piece Airlocks
    2. 2 sets of these (4 pieces) ($8) Drilled Rubber Stopper #6
    3. 1 set of these (4 pieces) ($27) reCAP WIDE-MOUTH Mason Jar Pour Cap – (sidenote – why the heck are these caps so expensive? Really? But these were the cheapest I could find)

It took awhile to research the best prices.

Best thing is, I don’t have to buy expensive (yet beautiful) crocks.


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