Garden cleanup and “repair”

In a previous post, I mentioned coming back to powdery mildew on our squash. I cut off the dead leaves and took off most of the mildewed leaves (but not all). Now I find new leaves growing that are vibrantly healthy and green, and no mildew.

Now more flowers are blooming and more squash forming! I’m glad we didn’t give up and let the plants die. The way they looked at first, it would’ve been the logical conclusion.

This field of squash was absolutely covered in powdery mildew. After cleaning up the leaves and spraying with milk, they’ve made a nice recovery. And growing new leaves! And new blossoms! And new fruit!

Here was “sunflower alley” – we clipped many of the seed heads to dry at home, trying to beat the birds to the harvest. We left some for the birds too. I trimmed off dead leaves, took off leaves that inhibited our walking freely on the path. Hopefully our garden neighbors will appreciate that (their beds are on the left of this path).

I love how large the stalks are! My plan is to let them dry and use as stakes. But word has it they won’t hold up. Anyone have success with that? Let me know!

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