Busted Naked


Recently, news has hit that Naked Juice, owned by PepsiCo, has been busted. They settled a class action lawsuit and established a $9 million settlement fund for consumers who feel that they were duped by this marketing scam. Claims that the product was “100% Juice”, was “All Natural”, contained “Nothing Artificial”, and was “Non-GMO” were all at issue. Specifically the lawsuit indicated that certain ingredients, listed as vitamins, as displayed in the ingredient list of the nutrition facts, were actually synthetically produced, artificial sweeteners, fibers, and flavors which belied the claim the product was “All Natural” and contained only juice. Also the company knowingly put Genetically Modified Organisms in the product which contradicts the claim that it was Non-GMO. (See the Wikipedia Naked Juice article on these details)

The Naked Juice Company was created in Santa Monica, California in 1983 by Jimmy Rosenberg. The company was sold to other firms and eventually, PepsiCo acquired it in 2007.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough, I discover that our friend here, Jimmy Rosenberg, once again created another juice company. Everyone is touting it for its “cold pressed” juices, believing them to be raw. But buyer beware. It’s another scam. Make no mistake!

Jimmy founded the Evolution Fresh Company in San Bernardino, California in 1992. He then sold it in 2011 to Starbucks Corporation.

in 2010 Evolution invested in new form of pasteurization equipment, known as Pascalization or High pressure processing (HPP). Using HPP, the bottled juice is subject to thousands of pounds of pressure, effectively wiping out any potentially pathogenic bacteria without exposing the product to heat that can damage the juices flavor, color and nutritional value. The stuff has a 40 day shelf life and that should be an indication what it does. It kills everything, otherwise it would spoil within a couple of days. Pascalization leads to the inactivation of certain microorganisms and enzymes in the food. Who are they trying to kid?

Yet when you visit their website, they tell you: “Heat can rob juices of flavors and nutrients. So we use cold pressure to help maintain their natural taste.” Cold pressure sounds innocent enough, right? No, it’s not heated. But microorganisms and enzymes are destroyed, which they leave out. The only thing that maintains natural taste, enzymes and nutrients, is fresh pressed. Not “cold pressed” pasteurization.

They go on to say, “With more vitamins, enzymes and nutrients to enjoy in every sip.” More than what? Heated pasteurization? Enzymes are destroyed in Pascalization. So this is a bold faced lie in their claims. They charge an exorbitant price for their less-than-desirable juices, because they know people will fall for the convenience and claims.

You have to be a super detective to decipher what their label actually means, and when they outright lie, you have no chance without some sleuthing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with corporations, packaged foods and lies. That’s why I juice my own fruits and vegetables, many of them grown in my own garden. The shelf life isn’t stable, but my claims of full nutrition and enzymes at least hold true. Save your money and make your own!


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