Why Celebrate July 4?

torn flag

This country was founded, allegedly on freedom from tyranny, but in reality, it was freedom to exploit resources. Gold. Lumber. Beaver. and so on.

This voracious and unquenchable appetite wiped out millions of humans, bison, animals, trees, and nearly made a whole species extinct (including the native races) and has not ended.

It was founded on capitalism, every man out for himself, and called it democracy. They voted to get wealthy on the deaths and herding of humans, corralling them on reservations, the natives. And now the natives have been mostly contained and they turn to us, those who take out bank loans to have the “American Dream” and make money from our backs, with taxes and interest, and trample us into poverty. They socialize losses of banks, who never get jailed or punished for robbing the American public, while keeping the profits to themselves. It’s the mob legalized.

But we are the land of opportunity, you say!

What are you opportuning? People? Land? Animals? For what end other than to have wasteful homes, lawns, cars that suck more fuel and energy from the land? To fight wars for oil so we can have our wasteful vehicles, wiping out humankind to have what we want, once again? How many people were killed so we can drive our cars? How many trees were mowed down so we could wipe our counter, dry our hands, blow our nose or wipe our….?

We carve out a personal and greedy paradise. What has happened to humanity? Why should I celebrate “Independence Day” when Americans are not independent of their own government, but chained to them and their rules? What did that fight back in 1776 get us? An escape from tyranny only to repeat the same.

I am grateful for what I have, but I strive to live minimally. Debt free.

This talk is excellent, called, Redesigning Civilization

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