Giving Reverence to the Earth


There’s something about working with soil that really gets me – it’s meditative and relaxing even though it’s work – sweating and muscle soreness later, it still feels relaxing and rewarding.

There’s a reverence that comes with working with the land, a stewardship to take care. It seems we imbue the land with our energy, and it gives back to us its abundance, what we give it.

When you work in the soil, you begin noticing more life around than you ever imagined. Between the bugs and flying creatures everywhere, you notice there is a witnessing. They are interested and surveying the situation. There’s a type of communication, as if to say “hello” and “what are you doing there?” And indeed, they respect your space while you’re there and make use of it when you aren’t.

The cow birds and gold finches slid into the land to survey any unearthed worms, if any. They searched the prize water droplets left behind by watering. I simply stood watching them, my turn to observe.

Minutes ticked by before I realized I should go. I had put in many flowers, and thought, and why shouldn’t I give reverence in this way? This is my altar. We feed the land and it feeds us. It’s as it should be.



  1. I agree, human beings should take care of the Earth. Once it is not abused, it will also pay back. But once it is abused, that’s the time when disasters come in the picture.


    • True. But again, the earth gives back what is put into it, right? If we destroy the land, we get disasters (abundantly). If we build it, we get goodness (abundantly).


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