How Good is Our Water?

I was just reading a water report sent in the mail, from our water district. It’s like reading a scary novel. No really. The purification process alone is scary (ammonia, chlorine, fluoride, more chlorine, anionic polymer ??, lime, chloride, carbon).

Of course, the fluoride is utterly unnecessary, but it’s in 1 ppm as “required” by the state.

From our own homes, there may be leaching of wood preservatives & corrosion of pipes. They try to eliminate parasites but aren’t fully successful. See more below. I’ll bet your own community’s water supply is essentially not different.

There are residues from chloramines, haloacetic acids & trihalomethanes from the purification of the water. From local industry – drilling, metal refineries, pulp and steel mills, runoff from fertilizer & pesticides (barium, chromium, nitrates, nitrites & sodium), leaching from septic tanks, sewage. Then we have “natural erosion” of the soil (hard water deposits), which includes radium, radon, uranium, heavy metals (among others).

The real clincher is, our community water district warns against drinking the water if you’re in a “vulnerable” population – immuno-compromised people like cancer patients, organ transplant recipients, people with immune system disorders, senior citizens and infants (remember how many parents make formula with regular tap water).

NOT included in this report, but available if you make a special effort and ask for it: unregulated contaminant monitoring, such as inorganic compounds, volatile organic compounds, synthetic organic compounds, bacteria levels, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and several others. We see how important it is to watch what we dispose of down our drains and toilets! Using chemicals to unclog a drain, our body care products that are loaded with dyes, perfumes, petroleum products, our own waste that contains pharmaceuticals, disease, poor nutrition (yes, we pass all that onto our fellow neighbors – what you put ON and IN your body, others consume), dumping used car oil illegally, or paints, etc. It is a really disturbing thing to think about, this whole topic of water quality. And this, we water our gardens with. And drink.

We can’t entirely escape the dilemma by drinking rain water. Factories and automobiles belch out lots of toxic substances (that cause acid rain that kills fish, for example). The rain cleans the air and we catch it.

We live in a time like no other, where nothing is pure. Not even the rain. We have a responsibility to each other – and ourselves – to care for one another.

Water, at one time, was once on the alkaline scale. Because of the things mentioned above, most water is on the acidic side of the scale, which is why we’ve seen a new market pop up with alkaline water (of course, another way to make a lot of money). There are alkaline water drops that are more cost effective. But we can’t really rely on our water supply (filtered or not) for alkalinity.

The foods we eat, if not raw and fresh, are all on the acidic side of the scale. Acidic bodies create disease, and we see diseases at a rate like no other time in history. We may live longer, but with what quality of life?

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