A Day of Gifts


Today we were hauling our first load of mulch to the garden. On the way there, this Great Blue Heron was a greeting to us.


When we were done spreading our mulch, we were driving on Fermi’s grounds and two of us in cars stopped because this snapping turtle was warming itself in the middle of the street. A fellow lab employee was trying to scoot him off the side of the road. See his mouth open? Ya, he was not a happy turtle.

A couple weeks earlier, we had encountered one on the road (it was a little smaller than this one, but not much). I was brave enough to scoot him into a big box and deposit him in a field of grass.

Moon over garden

After hauling and spreading our second load of mulch, we were leaving the garden and were greeted by the Supermoon (well technically it’s tomorrow) hanging over the gardens. The three following shots were still on Fermilab grounds, of the Supermoon.

20130622_205125 20130622_205104 20130622_205029

It was too hard to catch on camera, but there were fireflies flitting about all over the prairie. It’s been a day of gifts – the greeting of the blue heron, the feistyness of the snapping turtle, the gorgeous moon and next (below), the kohlrabi.


While we were working in the garden earlier today, a fellow gardener gave us this incredibly delicious kohlrabi. We enjoyed it, raw, with dinner tonight. The greens in the cup above my hand are ones I harvested from our garden yesterday morning. There is cilantro, beet greens & purple basil (I actually weeded it out by the roots, it was too dense, same for the beet greens and purple basil). I used the basil & cilantro in tonight’s dinner.

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