Garden Flow


I worked in the garden this morning. I told Daniel, “Oh, weeding two beds won’t take long at all. Two hours later……

I weeded more than two beds, plus had to weed some by hand and thin the beets and cilantro again! I thinned enough cilantro to be able to have enough to eat. Yum! My first garden edible!

Lucky thing was, and this always seems to be the case, literally ten minutes after I was driving home, thunderstorms hit and we’ve having a big downpour. At least we won’t have to water the garden tonight!

There seems to be a flow that comes with gardening. You are at the mercy of the weather, weeds and soil. You seem to become more acutely aware of the weather, season, wetness of the earth.

It’s wonderful to be in touch with the flow of the garden.

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