The Beauty of Growth


Here are new grapes forming (they aren’t flower buds this time!)


Garden after weeding about half of it this morning, thinning the beets & trimming the basil.


Here’s my lettuce, that needs thinning & more weeding (I weeded around it but not between yet) It nearly doubled in size in 2 days after giving it nutrients.


Sunflowers are getting big! They’re loving the sun after our terrible weather yesterday.


Fennel root! This is about 5 or 6 inches tall.


Our lovely summer squash, not disturbed at all by cucumber beetles since we planted it, due to our fabulous phosphorus spray! No, I don’t like corn syrup or caramel color, but at least it’s edible, unlike dish soap or chemical bug sprays.


We’re having our first blooms on the tomato plants!


Yay, Cilantro! First time I ever got it to grow from seed! Needs thinning.


Newly thinned row of beets, they were all flopping over after thinning due to leaning on each other in thick clusters. They need mulch now.


Look at this same sunchoke, just 13 days later (look back on May 31 to see how much it’s grown). It looks healthier & fuller, due in part to feeding it a really cool blend of nutrients and spraying the leaves with other healthy nutrients (no pesticides or poisons or artificial fertilizers).


See this lone tomato plant next to a flat full of tomato plants? The one beautiful green one used to be the same color as the ones in the flat. What’s different? Well, more and better soil with nutrients added, and leaf sprays to give it a super boost in nutrients!

This is our best (biggest & greenest) tomato plant. It has no blooms yet. The lower leaves used to be all yellow, and you can see some remnants of yellow. We gave it a couple (non-chemical) foliar sprays that boosted calcium & phosphorus, and some root fertilizer (again, non-chemical). The soil we grew it in also made a difference, and that it wasn’t in the garden when the flooding and rains took place, as well as the drops in temperature into the 30s.

Best tomato

My fennel is doing so good!


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