Beautifying and Weeding


Along the fence, on the outside of the garden, a bunch of tall weeds were growing (the mower can’t reach there either). I pulled up those weeds, took off the roots and laid the leaves where I pulled them. There was a thick layer of leaves left behind, and then I manure bombed the area, leaving a few inches of manure on top of the leaves, creating a flower bed-like look. Now I may have to plant something there. lol Probably the last time we’ll use manure. We want to begin layering by sheet mulching (no cardboard or newspaper though)

The sunflowers are getting tall! We’ve been spreading free coffee grounds on our pathways, then I’d like to put down grass, then stick mulch. Actually, would like to do this on the beds too, but layered in such a way you can tell which is the bed & what’s the path. The coffee adds nitrogen, and the hope is it will seep into the beds when rained on, keep weeds down on the paths, and makes it look kind of cute. The blackest patch is newly spread coffee, the chocolate brown colored paths is day old spread coffee. You can see see the muddy path (with the board) & it’s quite mucky. We need to build soil by sheet mulching. There’s been a lot of erosion from everyone always rototilling, then manure bombing their patches. A real problem, all that nitrogen runoff into the water supplies.


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