Weeding Time!

The garden after weeding it. It was covered!


Look at the mucky mess in the trail turned mud. We’ve been having record amounts of rainfall in May. In one hour, we got as much as the whole month of May usually gets. It’s been impacting our plants greatly. It’s made the soil more compacted, and the cold soil doesn’t help matters. Being new to gardening definitely didn’t help! We have clay here, and if I’d known to put on equal parts limestone and gypsum, it could’ve at least softened the clay to make it breathable for the plants. Ah well, live and learn!

The first of the lettuce is showing its perky little leaves amid tiny weeds

Sunflowers, on a windy day (tornado warnings). The answer is a-blowin’ in the sunflowers…..

Winter and summer squash plants struggling after a bug infestation. But hark! We used a method of spraying that we were skeptical about (learned from an organic permaculture farmer). 8 oz. soda pop that contains phosphoric acid (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and mock products) in one gallon of water. It’s like giving them an IV of phosphorus. Phosphorus deficiency = bugs. Bugs don’t like the taste of phosphorus rich plants. Calcium deficiency leads to diseased plants.

And look! It is happy with its phosphorus spray that got the bugs away. One of the best looking summer squash of the bunch. A couple of them had laced leaves, they were so bug-eaten.

The purple basil doing well

Green pepper’s blowing in the wind & doing well

Basil looking perky.

The tomato plants are growing but not too happy with all the rain.

Ugh, our lemon cucumber is not a happy camper. Probably going to lose it. First time growing it (or any of the veggies), so we’ll learn from it. Since I wrote that, it’s actually survived, but the leaves are small and it’s not growing fast.

Lots of beets (the ones with the red stems) are showing off amidst the tiny weeds surrounding the area.

Yay, the fennel keeps hanging in there.

Our sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes) in a container on our front porch. They’re doing fabulous! I grew these from 2 tiny tubers.


Compare that size to the last time I took a picture, (April 11, and this was May 31, so 7 weeks apart) ….


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