And More Planting….

Nearly done planting! (Well, I thought so anyway) Yesterday we planted spinach, Swiss chard, green onion, cilantro, and black seed Simpson lettuce – all from seed. Today, we planted more marigolds, nasturtium (seeds), radish (seeds), cantaloupe and red rubin basil. We only have some nasturtiums, marigolds and watermelons left to plant. Waiting for the watermelons to get larger before dropping in the ground.


Oh! Our neighbor(s) finally tilled the ground on both sides of us yesterday! As the clouds were swiftly rolling in as it was getting dark and leaving the garden tonight, we were treated to the howling of several coyote off in the trees.

One of a dozen mammoth sunflowers. Started from seed indoors at the very end of April.


Yellow summer squash, one of 4, started from seed indoors in late April. We planted them too soon in the ground, really. The cucumber beetles enjoyed them until we found a way to keep them away.


I took a class at the Resiliency Institute, given by Bill Scheffler of Pure Prairie Farm. He focused on how to grow healthy vegetables that require no disease or bug sprays. Disease indicates calcium deficiency and phosphorus deficiency if there are pests. The formula I used to keep our plants from being devoured by the beetles was a solution of 8 oz. of soda pop that contains phosphoric acid (thus, phosphorus) in one gallon of water, then spray on the leaves. The uptake of phosphorus by foliar spray takes about 20 minutes. More on this in another post.

One of 8 tomato plants, started from seed in March, given to us by one of Daniel’s colleagues (my other post on this topic discusses this).


Lemon cucumber, start bought from local nursery. It’s survived the rains and cold, hasn’t gotten any bugs, but I suspect the manure destroyed some of the microbes that made the plant unhealthy.


Red Rubin basil, 1 of 4, bought from the nursery. Two of the four plants are doing great, the other two, don’t know what’s up with them.


Bell peppers, one of 2 plants, bought at Aldi for $2.49 each! We later discovered there were two plants per pot, but too late. The roots are nearly fused together.


2 boxwood basil plants, bought from Aldi for $2.49 each! I’ve already had to harvest these since we first planted them.


Cantaloupe, started from seed in late April. 3 of 6 plants. One group of them died due to rain and cold. The others are barely hanging on.


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