Day 2 Gardening

Day 2 of working on it and rototilling. Still need to do a bit more tilling. But hey, all this hard work is showing. Daniel’s getting some deeply rooted grass out.


The soil was pretty wet and the rototiller had a hard time getting very deep – between that and the deep grass roots.

A view of the freshly tilled plot with our grapevines budding and blooming. The vines were left by the previous tenant. Notice in a later photo how much of the dead vines I trimmed away! Poor baby was so neglected for too long.


After we finished rototilling, I came to discover about sustainable gardening. We did this at the UBC garden, but I had no idea about it really. It seems most everyone at the garden club tills. We didn’t know any better, we were following suit. On the other hand, because we didn’t get assigned a plot in the previous fall, there was no time to set up the land for sustainable gardening and sheet mulching. Nor time to plan for what seeds to buy and start in the winter. This is something I believe should be implemented for future gardeners. When I inquired to the club about if anyone knew about sustainable gardening & helping us get an idea about it, I didn’t receive any feedback. Folks are friendly passing by at least.

I planted what looks like a weed, but is a Concord grapevine. Between the rain and almost freezing weather, it didn’t survive. After all, I don’t only want to document our successes, but also our failures. It is our first year and we’re in over our heads, but trying our best.


Poor baby. Well, it’s onto the next stage!

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