Day 1 Gardening

At the first opportunity (after the rains stopped and it was a weekend), we set out to view our garden plot to get started. We had never been to the community garden and didn’t know what to expect. Well, we were in for a surprise….


Our weed infested, overgrown plot…..

We have been told by various people that the plot hadn’t been used in more than 2-4 years. The soil hadn’t been turned nor weeding taken place in all those years. I winced a little inside to find how much work this was going to take. Believe it or not, the picture does the plot justice. The white plastic table was abandoned there. We inherited it (gladly) to be able to set things on when needed.

Next, after a few hours of weeding…..


And here it is after several hours of weeding, marking our boundaries (most plots have fences between the plots, but ours didn’t because at one time, three plots belonged to one person), hauling multiple wheel barrows of weeds to the weed pile and clearing tons of dead brush! I think I wanted to cry and celebrate at the same time. It’s great exercise anyway!

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